Summer business on the beach: 3 suitable ideas

By: admin |
May 27 2015 5:08

Do you live in the city with the beach? Surely, it is often visited by tourists and fun seekers, and it means you can earn a lot of money. Here you will learn about several types of business that can be implemented at the beach. 1. Delivery of premises Since housing is one of the major concerns of tourists, the hotel industry is an excellent choice

Tips of centenarians

By: admin |
May 23 2015 11:40

The basic commandments on the way to a long and healthy life! 1. Do yourself and eat “real” dairy products. A truly curative can only made at home. Sour. Add the boiled milk (0.5 liters) cream (1 tbsp. Spoon), or a quarter slice of black bread. After 12 hours, the sour is ready. 2. Sweat once a day. All centenarians surveyed stated that

Conservative mandate for five years

By: admin |
May 19 2015 10:52

The situations in the British political elite proved even the respectful politicians were able to confuse the things. Despite the eclectic electorate, the truth won. Conservatives of Prime Minister David Cameron will govern Britain until 2020 without coalition partners. The Conservative Party won the game despite all ugly tongues. Now the Tories fo

Jürgen Klopp: Hell Game with the Germans

By: admin |
May 15 2015 6:04

The coach of “Borussia” Jürgen Klopp commented on reaching the final of the German Cup after winning the penalty shootout with “Bavaria”: – It was a real hell of a game. I do not argue with the fact that we were lucky. I believe that today both teams gave everything on the field. They were really strong, and the spect

Sales of tablets in the US increased almost fourfo

By: admin |
May 11 2015 13:11

American market of tablets – smartphones with large displays (~ 6-7 inches) – began to show steady growth. If the I-st ​​quarter of the previous year for this category of devices accounted about 6% of all sales of “smart” phones in the US, at the beginning of 2015 it was already 21%, according to research of Kantar World

Industrial production continues to fall in France

By: admin |
May 8 2015 6:25

Index of business activity PMI in the industrial sector of the French economy accelerated its decline. According to research of Markit, PMI index in the manufacturing sector in France in April fell to 48 points from 48.8 points in March. The value below 50 points indicates contraction in activity. The report notes that industrial production in the

Spider robots will build the spacecrafts in orbit

By: admin |
May 5 2015 14:49

US scientists plan to launch spider robots to Earth orbit. Director of Tethers Unlimited Robert Hoyt presented the new development. According to him, spider robots can create antenna arrays and solar panels in space. Robots will create various designs using 3D-printers and other tools. According to the developers, spider robots can create large amo

Festival of colors – Holi Festival

By: admin |
May 2 2015 7:27

India and Nepal Festival of colors, which takes place every spring in India and some other countries in the region – perhaps is one of the most picturesque shows of South Asia. A few days before the holiday, residents of small towns and villages are stocking ammunition: powders of different colors. In the morning of the festival the fun begin

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